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The Derby Day dress code traditionally calls for dressing with class and elegance, and Derby Day 2015 is no exception. This is the day to keep it simple and chic in black or white or a combination of both. Dresses for this carnival date evoke old-school elegance with classic silhouettes. Venus & Mars has all the alluring high fashion details and styling assistance to help you stay on trend and obey the Derby Day style rules.

Monochrome Moments
Monochrome is the trend of choice for a Derby Day outfit, contributing to its tradition of timeless, classic black and white looks. This year, white on white is the hot trend for race day fashion and is perfect for Derby Day attire. Keeping you cool and effortlessly chic, white dresses, jumpsuits and pantsuits are tipped to be the big trends both on Derby Day and throughout the racing carnival. When you’re sporting monochrome, the tailoring and attention to detail of your outfit is most important. Create a striking silhouette and you’re sure to be anything but unforgettable.

Race Day Fashion Trends
Structured dresses are always perfectly elegant choice for Derby Day, with lace dresses in classic silhouettes a stylish option for the carnival’s monochrome soiree. For an easy outfit option, you can always opt for a classic little black dress and you’re guaranteed to look sleek and sophisticated, as long as the hemline is still long. Remember, the dress regulations at many race clubs don’t allow for exposed midriff, so leave those for another occasion.

The Perfect Headpiece
A statement headpiece will tie your Derby Day outfit together. This season, opt for smaller fascinators in elegant metallics. Simple, stylish headbands, delicately embellished veils and jewel encrusted crowns are big trends this year, providing the perfect finishing touch for your Derby Day outfit with elements of leaves in materials like leather and metal. If you’re not sure what race day hats suits you or your outfit, contact the Venus & Mars team in Melbourne who are ready to personally assist you. In-house fashion expertise from a boutique outlet is only an email away!